Qais Al Sindy "The Lost Paradise" December December 2010

Qais Al Sindy

The Lost Paradise

After two years of living in exile and merging into the daily life, I have experienced many situations, which have been saturated with theoretical and practical contrasts. Worlds of competing complexity and simplicity, mechanization and passionate sensitive humanity, clamorous tumulus and tranquil silence, were kept close to my heart, by the act of its mystery and attempts to derive details of daily life. In addition, new styles in artistic presentation that could be updated with the modernization in art, undisciplined from the familiar sequence in art experimentation meshed with new fields of visual thoughts.

In my solo exhibition “The Lost Paradise”, there is a connection with the daily terms and changeableneeds, that are extracted from bitter reserves in my memory or the explored vision of an artist’s diary while in the exile in foreign lands. It’s a dialectic relationship based on the conflict between soft imagination and a foggy, mysterious reality.

Figures, symbols and terms dance spontaneously on canvas. Travelers passing by on foot in front of you in a short film which indicate that they are seeking a lost paradise, as well as a performance whose conception is related to more than a decade and half ago. Visual inquiries look for the Apprehension in the soul of the artist before the viewer.

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