Orient Gallery @ SAF 2010 "Colorful Thoughts", December 2010

Orient Gallery @ SAF 2010

Orient Gallery's Colorful Thoughts showcases a wide range of visual ideas, diverse treatments, and varied artistic styles presented by the artists we so proudly collaborate with. Colorful Thoughts is much more than an exhibition theme; it is a way of delivering to our collectors the kind of artwork that perfectly complements their personality and lifestyle and gives them various options for reflecting their colorful thoughtsthroughout their own spaces.

This exhibition groups 11 visual artists and aims at presenting the different visual sensibilities which can emerge from a single theme. In it one sees different lines of thought and various interpretations of one thought taking shape. Each piece speaks its own language, and can be understood without an interpreter and related to without a mediator through a universal language that transcends borders, geography and time. And this falls within Orient Gallery’s vision of fostering unique, inexplicable connections between a canvas and an open-minded viewer.

Participating artists:

Jordan: Moh'd AlAmeri, Moh'd Nasrallah, Hilda Hiary, Aymen Gharaibeh, Ghassan Abu Laban & Issam Tantawi.

Lebanon : Georges Bassil

Bahrain: Jamal Abdul Rahim

Iraq: Falah Al Saeidi & Yassin Mohammadawi

Syria: Khalid AlKhani

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