Jihad Al Ameri "Jerusalem...The First Threshold" Nov 2009

Jihad Al Ameri

Jerusalem …the first threshold

Orient Gallery will be celebrating “Jerusalem Capital of Arab Culture 2009” through the art of the Jordanian artist Jihad Al-Ameri, who will be presenting a collection of his carving and printing works under the title: “Jerusalem: the first threshold”.

In this exhibition, Al-Ameri joins together, in a display of artistic aesthetics, a group of elements that are characteristic of the city of Jerusalem, including architectural plans and designs during the Ottoman rule and Arabic poetry written for Jerusalem.

In addition to its special nature and subject-matter, this exhibition represents an important step forward for Al-Ameri's artistic experience. He displays a set of special techniques in his work, like mixing Lithograph with woodcut, and Lithograph with Silkscreen, giving off a stimulating visual depth in each piece of art.

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