Jamal A. Rahim "Al Mawaqif" May 2010

Issam Darwish

The Book of Standings "Al Mawaqif":

This book is inspired from Al-Niffari, who is often considered to be an early Sufi. His Book of Standings (Kitab al-Mawaqif) is a fascinating collection of visionary poems. The "standings" referred to in the book has a rather subtle meaning in that each poem or chapter refers to a unique way in which he is made to stand by God.

This book includes 20 graphic art works printed by the artist, Jamal Abdulrahim, on Arch paper 300 gm, in addition to 20 Arabic calligraphy texts taken from the book and written by the Bahraini calligrapher Abdel Ellah Al-Arab.

Issam Darwish

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