Group Exhibition By Seven Jordanian Artists "Different Mood"July 2009

Group Exhibition By Seven Jordanian Artists

Exhibition: Group Exhibition by Seven Jordanian Artists "Different Mood"July 2009

A Different Mood

Orient Gallery has never failed to captivate its audiences with new and exciting Jordanian talent and art. The Gallery offers the works of Jordanian artists who express their different moods and emotions and set them up for display and judgment, with the aim of shaping their future and potential. Some names we know, but others surprise us with their talent and work: Ali Amr, Omar Bilbeisi, Bashar Alhroub, Maha Khoury, Amy Kalimat, Raya Kassisieh, and Khawla Saidam. Those artists are presented to our audience through their different art that instills a different mood in terms of their realism, expressionism, professionalism, and the unique approach.

It is an exhibition that highlights the vibrant journey of Jordanian art.

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