Exhibition: Shaker Abu Ghazaleh " Symbols of Love " April 2016

Symbols of Love

The Painting as a Space for Questions

Shaker Abu Ghazaleh presents a new mature and eye catching study that points to his experience with the material and subject matter, such that his paintings become spaces for contemplation and inquisition about the possibilities of freedom from traditional conventions, moving into a visual aesthetic far from the schools he is familiar with.

Shaker utilizes a variety of techniques and tools, to present us with a powerful dream as an artist observing the world in silence.

This collection of works is expressive of his way of thinking when it comes to the composition of his work, utilizing a mix of expressionism and abstraction. He succeeded in showing the nature of the work and the artistic input that is based on composition and technical innovation between posters, typography, graphic, drawing and coloring.

This collection deserves a deep reading, it is strong in its presence and its subject matter.

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