"A Group Exhibition For Emerging Jordanian Artists" July 2012

A Group Exhibition For Emerging Jordanian Artists

A Group Exhibition For Emerging Jordanian Artists

Muna Amareen : Born in 1986. A young artist, who has interests and stimulating talent in plastic art since her childhood. Perusing her talent, Muna got her bachelor's degree in Graphic arts from the University of Jordan in 2008. During her university years, she has participated in several workshops locally and internationally where she has excelled as a young artist. Since then Muna directed all her creativity and art hood towards printmaking where she profoundly found herself and moved on with her career.

Firas Edwan : A Jordanian artist born in Dubai.

Firas has a Bachelor's degree in printmaking & a high diploma in fine arts from Yarmouk University in 2011. He uses the human figure as a subject matter in which he found a potential power that is able to comprehend and deliver his visions. Firas works on the figure and its reflections in parallel lines to present their dialectic existence, concentrating sometimes on the figure and other times on the reflections in an endless conflict.

Zeina Salti : A Jordanian artist born in 1981.

After achieving her bachelor's degree in Archeology and Tourism, Zeina studied art at the Training Center for Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture in 2006. Zeina excels in her academic drawing and other art skills and has a fine knowledge with most of art materials and techniques. She clearly shows her artistic passion in her art work which makes her a promising Jordanian artist.

Mohammad Tamimi : A Jordanian artist born in Peters-Burg, Russia in 1988.

Mohammad has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic design from Philadelphia University and lives in Amman. He presents mysterious visual approaches through a family looking in its ambiguous presence for a human childhood and tries to return to its innocent past. The characters in his paintings are featured in an interior and exterior elderly.

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