Exhibition: Group Exhibition by 8 Arab Artist " In...On Paper" April 2008


Group Exhibition by 8 Arab Artist " In...On Paper" April 2008



As part of its plan and efforts to create a dialogue space in the Arabic art, Orient Gallery is organizing an exhibition for the works of a group of the best Arab artists. The artists are: Mohammad Abou El Naga from Egypt, Dodi Al-Tabbaa and Mohammad Al-Ameri from Jordan, Nabeela Al-Khayer and Jamal Abdul Rahim from Bahrain, Mohammed Al-Shammary and Serawan Baran from Iraq, and Talal Moualla from Syria. This group of artists is representative of the Arab artistic movement in terms of the diversity of themes, materials and expressions. The exhibition is designed to give viewers visual pleasure as well as introduction to the subjects and types of Arab art.

The exhibition, which includes a variety of drawings and graphics, constitutes an important highlight in the world of Arab art that has come to be recognized on both the international and Arab levels.

1. Jamal Abdul Rahim (Bahrain)presents a group of large graphics that indicate his professional skill in his field. Abdul Rahim won several Arab and international awards in the field of graphics.
2. Nabeela Al-Khayer (Bahrain), who combines between collages and drawings, pins her work on the subject-matter of heritage and the human being, which she addresses with robust and power in terms of the structure and the performance.
3. Mohammed Al-Shammary (Iraq) presents a group of works that address Baghdad as his subject-matter, combining between Arabic calligraphy, drawings and graphics.

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