Mohamad Nasrallah was born in 1963 in the Wihdat Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan. His interest in painting started in early childhood. His environment; the day-to-day human and visual conditions, have greatly influenced his work. From the start, Nasrallah, was searching for a style to articulate what he sees and feels; this becomes evident in the later stages of his works and exhibitions. Mohammad Nasrallah, studied art at the Fine Arts Institute in Jordan and received his Diploma in Arts from the SpanishCulturalCenter in Amman. His unique style has made his work attractive to critics, collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Since 1989, Mohammad Nasrallah has held eleven exhibitions. He has participated in many Arab and international exhibitions, both at galleries and biennales . What is significant about Nasrallah’s artistic endeavors is the variety of subjects and the visual diversity of his work. This is expressed in his recent exhibitions; Hymns of Soil, Birds and Scarecrows, Another Space, Another Land and Mirrors of Dust, his latest exhibition, in which he engages in a poetic dialogue that enriches his artistic expression.




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