Exhibition: The Late Yassin Mohammadawi February 2011

The late Iraqi artist Yassin Mohamadawi, who died in his prime, journeyed long in the art world through artistic forms that have finally molded his ultimate art form and tools, resulting in works that were both impressive and unconventional.  His search has taken him through a journey of the Iraqi, Babylonian and Sumerian history, and with his piercing vision and high sense of technique, he worked diligently on raw materials, and produced striking methods of artistic implementation.  He has re-created this rich history of the ancient and the ancestors in a contemporary painting that was itself not all too distant from its historical background.  Meanwhile, his modern paintings fulfilled all the conditions of artistic technicality and impeccability.  This is in its own right an artistic dilemma seldom mastered by artists, but which Yassin, with his expertise and vision, was able to resolve without falling into the folkloric trap of re-producing heritage art as a mere handicraft.  He was like someone opening a window onto the rich heritage with great skill, delicate performance, and futuristic vision, holding old and new audiences in awe.  It is a worthwhile experience that deserves great respect and appreciation .


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